Damaged & Missing Disputed Item Process

We sell items as-is.  Unfortunately, breakage do happen.   Thus, we have a policy in places so that we can be reasonably compensate for the loss of broken items

1.  You MUST EMAIL (sales@dejavuwholesale.com) the picture of the damaged item and/or other inquiries.  If the picture does not show any damages, we can not send any replacements.  Please include the item number and invoice number, without this information we cannot  do proper replacements.  We never delete any  emails and we can always look up your email by your email address.

2. All emails must be received within one week of delivery.  There will be no exception.

  3. All replacement item will be sent with YOUR NEXT ORDER, NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE.  You must state that you have "credit from previous order" in COMMENT BOX during check-out process.  Without this comment, your replacement will not be sent as we do not know whether you have any pending credit or not.

 4. No returns and exchanges are accepted.  Deja Vu Wholesale does not do cash credit - only in the event we're out of stock.

5.  Deja  Vu Wholesale is not liable for defective, damaged  items once sold to third party.


  Déjà Vu wholesale will not be liable in the event that the defect has been fully or partially caused by any improper and careless handling of the purchaser or sold from customer's store.